What else can you do at home?

It’s the long awaited Phase 2!! We’ve been safe at home for so long and now we can finally meet up with friends and dine-in. However, in order not for cases to spike again and to return into another Circuit Breaker, here are some more ways you can stay at home and have fun at home together with friends


1. Snapee

Participate in Sunday Games Night to win gift vouchers and attractive prizes! Check out @snapee_bot on Telegram here.

2. Parsec

This is a cloud gaming platform for you and your friends to play together online, whilst staying safe at home.

3. Epic Games

Another gaming platform for you and your friends to enjoy. Other than the popular games that we commonly know, Epic Games have their own exclusive games that they have developed!

4. Jackbox Games

No more physical parties this summer (thanks COVID-19), but online party games are still possible! Check out Jackbox games for a variety of party games that can be played online with your friends.

Psst, split the cost among friends and buy the game for yours to keep forever!


1. Centr

Stay fit with Chris Hemsworth and his team! Stay at home and follow his routine of exercises and meal plans to stay fit and healthy. (or you could just watch Chris Hemsworth – no one will judge)

Sign up for a 7 day free trial here.

2. Pamela Reif

This beautiful influencer never gets tired. Follow her workout routines with your friends to stay fit and wonder how she does all these exercises without breaking a sweat.

Pamela has her own YouTube channel for you to follow old routines or follow her on Instagram to exercise with her live or through IGTV.

P.S. I tried her workouts and I couldn’t even complete half the first time I tried it.

3. Blogilates

One of the most beginner friendly places to visit. Blogilates is an extensive resource for you to exercise and get a proper diet as well. If you don’t feel like exercising today, read some of the articles and improve your mental health instead.

The one–stop place for your health and nutrition.

These are just the 3 I have found that are beginner friendly for everyone to follow! There are many more available online that are more intensive for you to try out!


Take more online courses at home and pick up a new skill this summer.

1. Blabbel

Learn over 14 different languages through one app, Blabbel. Blabbel focuses on teaching you how to speak conversationally. There are courses of varying difficulty from beginner friendly to advanced courses available. Some of the languages available include: Spanish, German, Turkish, Russian, French, Indonesian and more! They also provide a Business German course that teaches you how to speak and write professionally.

Sign up now to get 6 months free on Blabbel today!

2. Udemy

Check out Udemy for a crazy number of courses (from beginner to advanced level) for a reasonable price range.

Udemy sales happen quite frequently, do check them out regularly to see if your course of interest is on sale!!

3. Coursera

Take courses or even professional certifications from Coursera. Coursera provides numerous courses and certifications from various universities and professionals in the relevant industries.

It is definitely worth the price as it is a monthly subscription for you to access as many courses as you want.

4. Hubspot

Courses and certifications are available on Hubspot for you to explore different marketing concepts and techniques for school or to promote your online business.

5. Google Digital Garage

Digital Garage is completely free-of-charge!! Google provides many courses and certifications for you at a small cost of $0.

Google also has online webinar sessions that you can attend to learn new skills this Summer. These webinar sessions are held through a YouTube live stream and can be replayed for the next 24 hours – also free for all users to attend!

Please remember to stay safe, stay healthy and be socially responsible by staying at home as much as you can! If you are going out of the house, do install TraceTogether to help contact tracers find out who needs to be tested or quarantined at home.


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