Things We Will Miss About Circuit Breaker In Phase 2

A research by Blackbox in May has shown that the top 10 things Singaporeans looked forward to after circuit breaker were:

  • Going outside in normal circumstances

  • Meeting family and friends

  • Travelling overseas

  • Dining out

  • Shopping in malls

  • Sending children back to school

  • Watching a movie at the cinema

  • Visiting places of attraction

  • Going to the library

  • Swimming

As restrictions ease in circuit breaker phase 2, we can finally look forward to engaging in approximately half of the listed activities above!

What will we miss about circuit breaker days as we reminiscent on fond memories during Singapore’s transition into a life of normalcy?

1. WFH arrangements

(source: hrmasia)

For those who have had the luxury of working from home during this crisis, we will not be strangers to sleeping in later than usual. Surely, we will miss rolling out on bed 15 minutes prior to official work hours for a quick wash up before switching to work mode immediately – only made possible without the extra hours spent in daily commute.

2. Empty public transport

(source: straitstimes)

With the majority of Singapore working from home and constant reminders from the government to head out only for essential trips, we really took the advice to heart. The number of commuters on public transport dropped drastically – an unseen phenomenon in Singapore. For a brief period, Singaporeans enjoyed not having to be packed like sardines or the need to rush into trains and buses for seats. Now that we are in Phase 2, the public transport system is expected to become more crowded.

3. Family bonding

(source: babyandbreakfast)

Our usual schedules are jam-packed with hustles and bustles that we rarely get to spend quality time with the most important people of our lives – family. Yet, COVID-19 has forced us all to slow down on our social calendar. Facing no one else aside from your own immediate family members have probably strengthened bonds for most of us as we sought activities to fight boredom.

4. Me-time

(source: happify)

From curating our own Bubble Tea and Dalgona Coffee, to bingeing on Netflix series, or learning new skills on Udemy or Coursera, circuit breaker has equipped us with newfound time at home to embark on things that we would otherwise never have the time to. As our lives gradually resume to normal with filled up calendars, we should not cease spending me-time with ourselves to prevent burn-out.

5. Surprises

(source: grab)

Being cooped up at home for extended periods of time and missing out on special occasions with our loved ones have forced us to be creative and intentional with the people we love. Meals, drinks, ice-cream, care-packs delivery surprises were a dime and dozen, despite being a relatively uncommon occurrence pre-circuit breaker.

6. Lesser expenditure

(source: forbes)

With zero social obligations, most of us would find that our travelling and dining out expenses have decreased significantly during the circuit breaker period – unless you go into online shopping frenzy due to boredom. For those who drive, parking and ERP charges were also reduced remarkably.

(source: timeout)

At the start of this crisis, many of us were disgruntled by the strict restrictions imposed. Yet two months later, we would come to realise that bittersweet memories have been forged during unprecedented times like these.

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