Reach Out To Brands Seamlessly With Snapee

Are you an event organiser on the lookout for sponsorships for your event? Find out how Snapee can aid in your journey with our network of partners while streamlining efficiency for your logistical processes.

Traditional VS Snapee

Traditionally, event organisers like you reach out to brands individually for cash or in-kind sponsorships. Your emails may often end up getting ignored, rejected, or responded to with an automatic reply. Instead of cold emailing passive brands with low success, Snapee ensures guaranteed collaboration by connecting you with our network of partners who are actively interested in these collaborations. Bid goodbye to the days of looking for a needle in a haystack in your sponsorship endeavours with Snapee.

The bulk of sponsorships comprise mostly of vouchers, hence committee members often travel to brands’ offices for collection in their physical copies, before packing them into goodie bags for distribution. With climate change fast becoming one of the leading topics in the world, are such cumbersome and environmentally detrimental processes of printing, collecting, and packing sustainable? Snapee’s digital wallet provides a platform for easy e-dissemination of vouchers, streamlining efficiency in your processes while reducing carbon footprint.

As the world faces unprecedented changes due to COVID-19, readers ought to bear in mind that the pandemic is nature’s way of sending us a message. If your team would like to make a difference to the larger community by saying no to paper waste, please feel free to contact us through email or Telegram and we will be more than happy to assist you. We are a very friendly team that don’t bite!

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