How To Save Money: 5 Best Rewards Apps You Can Use

It’s amazing how much money you can save nowadays based on reward programmes alone. Gone are the days of cutting coupons and haggling for lower prices. Today, there are so many discounts being dished out at us that we’re faced with another (happy) problem: which discounts should we choose? (Yep, first world issues).

We’re guessing you won’t want to download and scroll through every discount platform out there. That’s why we’ve curated 5 of the best rewards apps that make getting discounts and saving money super easy for you!

Get Rewarded For Shopping And Spending

1. Dash

(Credits: Singtel Dash)

How better to save money than with Singtel Dash? Make cashless mobile payments anywhere you shop with the Dash app and get 5% or more cashback! Make a Dash at over a hundred partners-- whether you’re shopping for groceries, hailing a ride, grabbing lunch or shopping for the best buys online! Ultra convenient to use, Dash is like your superhero rewards and payment app rolled into one.

2. ShopBack

(Credit: ShopBack)

Is it possible to earn money for shopping and eating? It apparently is! If you’re wondering how you can save money without curbing your shopping habits, ShopBack is the best shopping and rewards app for you! Promising up to 30% cashback for buying from stores that you already know and love such as Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, ASOS and many more, this is definitely one super easy life hack on how to save money when you’re just not looking to Marie-Kondo your lifestyle.

They’ve also recently launched ShopBack GO, which lets you enjoy in-store cashback when you dine or drink at your favourite restaurants, dessert places, bars and cafes. Yum!

3. SoCash

(Credits: Enterprise Innovation)

We’re used to banks growing our money when we deposit with them. But have you ever heard of a company giving you money for withdrawing from them? Say hello to SoCash, an innovative mobile app that lets you withdraw money from convenience stores like 7-11 and mama shops-- and rewards you for it! Yes, you can get FreeCash just like that!

The only drawback is that we’ve checked some locations and it turns out that not every transaction will earn you FreeCash, so do check for details. However, if you’re just looking to withdraw cash more conveniently in your neighbourhood, SoCash might just work for you regardless of the reward.

4. RebateMango

(Credits: RebateMango / Facebook)

Who doesn’t love to travel? Collect air miles with KrisFlyer and other renowned airlines or get cashback when you shop with RebateMango! RebateMango is a versatile rewards and shopping app that lets you choose how you want to be rewarded! Whether you’re cranking your brain on how to save money or simply love collecting rewards, RebateMango is an awesome rewards app that’s worth your download.

5. CapitaStar

(Credits: The New Paper)

CapitaStar is the biggest mall rewards app which will definitely give you tons of deals that are value for money. Gain points (called STAR$) to redeem CapitaVouchers and amazing deals on top of any other discounts you may have. How can you earn these STAR$ and save money in your future buys, you might ask? All you need to do is spend a minimum of $20 at any store within the 16 participating CapitaLand Malls to get STAR$! That’s a pretty easy target to hit.

Pro-tip: you can even plan your shopping trips to accumulate your purchases and hit the quota. As a bonus, you also earn an extra 1.5X STAR$ when you activate your PAssion Card or 2X STAR$ for the first transaction on your birthday!

Get Rewarded For Having Fun

Use these 5 best rewards apps to help you save some money every day. These rewards apps were handpicked because they’re super easy and convenient to use. If you’d like to have some fun while you’re collecting discounts, however, then you’ll want to keep a look out for us at SnapShop! SnapShop is a social game where you can earn hyper attractive discounts for playing mini games and completing quests with your friends.

Imagine the fun of playing a game when you’re bored and knowing that you’re actually earning real rewards for it. Or being in a restaurant with your friends and hacking away at an augmented reality monster in your phones in order to unlock a 30% discount for the meal!

(Credits: Quentindrphotography / Unsplash)

We’re excited to roll out our app and are working hard to make sure we create a social game and rewards app you’ll love to have. Currently, we're running a beta test on Telegram where we've already given close to 1500 vouchers around the town area! Say "Hi" to us at @HiSnapee on Telegram or check out our About page if you're curious to find out more!

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