Helping Local Businesses During COVID-19

As we transition out of this circuit breaker, there are still groups of people in Singapore in need support. During Phase 1, the local Food & Beverage (F&B) businesses will continue to find it difficult to stay afloat despite easing Circuit Breaker measures. Here are some ways you can promote and get the support needed.

Promote Your Food Deals

1. Telegram

With the rise in popularity of Telegram in Singapore, channels and groups have been created for the convenience of Singaporeans. For just F&B alone, there are numerous channels available for local businesses to promote their food promotions and menu releases.

We highly recommend promoting your food deals in:

a) @sgfooddeals

This channel has over 80,000 subscribers.

b) @kiasufoodies

This channel has over 145,000 subscribers. They also have a Telegram bot, for Singaporeans to search up food deals quicker.

c) @goodlobang

This channel has more than 116,000 subscribers.

2. Giveaways

Start your own Telegram channel! Local businesses are slowly moving away from depending on the food promotion channels. Local F&B businesses are starting their own Telegram channels instead. This gives the business to create their own community and gives the flexibility to launch giveaways for their fans!!

Do check out @bosshappydeal to see how Liho is connecting with their fans and providing exclusive promotion codes and giveaways for them.

3. Games

Another way to engage Singaporeans is the use of games. After the easing of Circuit Breaker, we are still unable to meet friends and hang out like before. Online applications and games are on the rise again.

Here is where @snapee_bot can help your business!

Snapee is a Telegram bot that allows users to collect SnapCoins from recording and sending receipts. Furthermore, Snapee acts as a voucher wallet for users. Snapee works with their business partners to provide users with exclusive discount vouchers. Users can earn SnapCoins through playing games to participate in our giveaways.

4. Listings

There are many channels to promote your deals, such as Facebook and Websites.

1. Websites

a) The Smart Local

Eatbook consolidates popular food spots to help you satisfy your cravings, they also have a F&B Directory for local businesses that provide their own delivery services instead of using the usual GrabFood and FoodPanda platforms.

Eatbook also has their own Telegram channel to broadcast their articles to readers.


This website is the go-to guide for all Hawker Centres. It is extremely helpful for users as it provides a lot of information such as the store address, the delivery method etc. If you need to gather more attention to your Hawker store, is the platform to leverage on.

c) Kopi-19

This website also consolidates all Hawker Stores for our convenience. However, this website also includes smaller F&B stores like small neighborhood cafes in their listings.

d) Support Local SG

In order to help local businesses tide over COVID-19, this website lists the different F&B businesses, provision stores that sell fresh produce, as well as meal plan subscriptions available in Singapore.

e) Belanja Eat

This is a fantastic movement to support local F&B hawkers. “Belanja” means to treat someone. Using this website, Singaporeans can either give or get a free meal from our local F&B hawkers.

2. Snapee

Snapee is currently working on listing all delivery options and deals available for our partners. Do stay tuned for more information by following on Instagram and Facebook for more updates!

3. Facebook

There are public groups on Facebook for Singaporeans to join the movement and help support local F&B businesses.

a) Hawkers United and Stay Home Makan SG

These groups list local F&B stores and the fantastic deals and bundles offered by them.

b) Singapore Restaurant Rescue

With over 78,000 members, this group encourages Singaporeans to choose delivery rather than going down to the store to takeaway, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

However, this group is a private group on Facebook.

Collaborate With Others

Due to stricter Circuit Breaker measures in place, bubble tea stores have closed. In order to continue selling their beverages, they have collaborated with different F&B businesses to sell set meals. This gives Singaporeans the option to get their bubble tea fix together with their meal option.

Food Delivery Booster Package

This package helps to support F&B owners transit from offline to online sales as the demand and cost for food delivery increases due to the COVID-19 situation.

This is a summary of this package provided by Enterprise Singapore:

For a more detailed overview, visit Enterprise Singapore.

To apply for building longer-term digital capabilities: visit the Business Grant Portal.

Digital Transformation Scheme

As we move into Phase 1, F&Bs in Singapore may be eligible to receive up to $10,000 each in terms of payout under the new Digital Transformation Scheme!

Check out this article for more information.

It has not been an easy journey this year for F&B. Based on the data from BizInsights, around 8,663 business entities have closed in April alone. The COVID-19 outbreak has done tremendous harm to the F&B sector. Snapee is with you on this journey, we hope to help more local F&B business partners during these difficult times. Continue to check our website weekly for new updates on how you can tide through this together with Snapee.


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