9 Best Photo Editor Apps For Instagram-Worthy Pictures

Have you ever seen photos that just really stood out from your social media feed? Among the plethora of content buzzing from your friends, there’s that one person whose pictures always look stunning.

Chances are, they’re using a photo editor app or camera app to get that effect! Here are the 9 best photo editor and camera apps you can use!

1. PicsArt Photo Editor & Collage App

This photo editor is for serious marketeers and social media lovers. With over 40 beautiful filters to experiment with, PicsArt is perfect for adding your own tint of expression to your photos.

(Credits: Funlifecrisis)

(Credits: Funlifecrisis)

That’s not all. PicsArt takes perfection to the next level with its ‘Beautify’ makeup effects, stickers, and fonts. The ‘cutaway’ function even allows you to extract any part of an image! With this all-in-one photo editor app in your toolkit, you can definitely create beautiful aesthetics fitting for social media.

As with most good things, however, this photo editor app comes with a steep price-- it’s a 3-day free trial period and about $50 per month thereafter. So unless you’re a professional marketeer or influencer, this app may well be out of our league. We included it though, because the functions and filters are just really that good.

2. Meitu Photo Editor

(Credits: DPReview)

For all the bad rep that comes with Meitu about over-edited photos, this photo editor app can actually be a mainstay in your marketing toolset. It features a bunch of natural and classy-looking filters, plus an array of reliable tools for fine-tuning your photos. Of course, if you’re into it, it can do some pretty heavy editing as well.

3. Line Camera & Photo Editor

(Credits: iTunes)

Line is famous for their adorable stickers, and that’s definitely a plus in their photo editor app as well. There are a ton of picturesque filters you can choose from. Most of them can be pretty vivid in colour and may be a bit of an overkill, but there’s always the option to tone the filter down for subtler edits. It’s a great photo editor app to have if you like a more ‘kawaii’ style.

4. SnapSeed Photo Editor

(Credits: Kelly Fiance Creative)

Launched by Google, SnapSeed is a smart photo editor app that knows exactly what to do. Click on the ‘magic wand’ icon for one-click perfection or manually tune the brightness, contrast and colours easily through this simple, fuss-free photo editor app.

5. VSCO Camera & Photo Editor

(Credits: Deegree Razon)

Whether you’re a big fan of social media or not, you’ve probably heard of VSCO. VSCO is a camera and photo editor app that prides itself on having drool-worthy filters that are perfect for your Instagram feed. You can even create your own edit settings (‘recipes’) and save them so you can achieve the same look across your photos.

6. Font Candy Photo Editor

(Credits: iTunes)

Want to get creative with marketing products or simply expressing your thoughts on your Instagram Stories? Overlay your pictures with beautiful fonts from the Font Candy Photo Editor app. This gives you more options beyond the usual text fonts available on the Instagram app itself. With so many gorgeous scripts to choose from, you’re sure to find something that pops out at your followers.

7. AirBrush Photo Editor

(Credits: DGiT)

Are you a selfie person? If you are, you need to get AirBrush. It’s got pretty filters, sure, but where it impresses is in its ability to add makeup, remove blemishes, reshape your face (who needs V-lifts?) and such. It can be as subtle or as edited as you want it to be-- this app is fuss-free and completely free to use.

8. Unfold (Collage App)

(Credits: Gucki)

Document precious memories with Unfold, which helps you create beautiful, crisp collages and Instagram story templates to tell your story in a stunning way. You can get free templates or access top-notch collage templates at just a few dollars.

9. Foodie Photo Editor

(Credits: Diet Doctor)

Food photography is notoriously the hardest to capture. Somehow, the dishes that look so delicious in real life can appear less-than-appealing in photos. Thankfully, Foodie offers a range of vivid filters that cater to us foodies! Colour sure makes a difference, and they’ve got all sorts of filters for coffee, pastries, meats, and any other dishes you might want to take pictures of. It’s both a photo editor app and camera app, so you can either choose the filter straightaway or experiment with it after you’ve taken your pictures.

Work magic with these intuitive photo editor and camera apps for every situation! Whether you’re a content creator or just love storing beautiful memories, these photo editor apps are sure to come in handy.

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