3 Awesome Rewards Apps You Should Know About

In 2019, we curated a list of mobile applications that readers can use to earn rewards while shopping and spending. A year later, it’s time to add to the list because Snapee simply loves rewarding our users. Let’s not forget that with Singapore headed for a 9% hike in Goods and Services Tax from 2021–2025, it is time for all of us to keep an eye on apps like these to provide bang for the buck on our dollars.

1. Grab

(Source: Grab)

Right at the top of the list, Grab needs no introduction. Majority of us would have heard about it, a significant portion may use it regularly – from transport to food or more recently, deliveries of care packs to people we love. But are you a frequent user of GrabPay? Because if you aren’t, then you’re probably missing out. GrabPay allows you to earn points, climb tiers, and unlock benefits and privileges in the GrabRewards catalogue.

For every $1 spent, you'll earn GrabRewards points, which can then be used to redeem a wide range of vouchers from different merchants. Essentially, GrabPay acts as a digital wallet that allows you to pay with their app instead of cash! It’s that easy. The next time you’re out shopping, look out for labels like these to scan and pay with GrabPay instead of cash to earn rewards that you otherwise would not have been able to.

2. Fave

(Source: FavePay)

Next on the list, we have FavePay – a mobile application that works similarly to GrabPay. However, the difference is that instead of earning points, FavePay provides up to 30% cashback for users to redeem on their future purchases. Once I bought a milk tea from Gong Cha and received $0.30 cashback instantly, in which the $0.30 can be used to offset my future purchases with Gong Cha.

(Source: FavePay)

What makes FavePay even more attractive is that it allows you to link your GrabPay to their E-wallet. Effectively, you will be able to receive cashback as well as up to 4 GrabRewards points for every $1 spent. So the next time you’re out shopping, look out for labels like these to scan and pay with FavePay – and better still, link it to GrabPay!

3. Snapee

To end off with a bang, let’s welcome Snapee, the newest and probably least known entrant in the market. Snapee is a location-based social platform that allows users to earn rewards by travelling, accomplishing mini-tasks, and form SWARM, a.k.a guild, with your friends. We aim to revolutionise social gamification and help brands optimise online-to-offline-to-online engagements.

Here’s a sneak peek of the various rewards you can expect in our mobile application projected to launch by late July!

  • Location-based

Does earning rewards just by travelling sounds too good to be true? Imagine earning rewards everywhere you go – from parks to shopping centres.

  • SWARM, a.k.a guild

We added social elements to our location-based feature. Form SWARM by adding your friends you’re your guild to amplify rewards whenever they are near you. Now that’s a great excuse to get all everyone you know to sign up an account with us.

  • Accomplishing mini-tasks

There are mini-tasks for users to complete daily – sending receipts, checking into stores, accomplishing quests, and many more. Each task allows you to be rewarded with SnapCoins, a currency used in Snapee to allow users to subsequently redeem vouchers or discounts from merchants listed.

Are you excited for our launch yet? Because we sure are! If you want a head start in the ecosystem because #kiasu, consider signing up on our Telegram (@Snapee_bot) today even before our official app launch.

Disclaimer: Some of the above-stated features would not be available in our Telegram bot.

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