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Ngee Feng

Always amazed on how companies, like Amazon, Alibaba and Grab, helped small and medium enterprises grow and prosper in this digital age.  We want to play our part to help more SMEs in Singapore and South-East Asia design fun O2O customers engagements! Integrating Fun, Retail and Rewards into one platform.   


The genius behind Snapee’s Telegram Bot. The master of system design with a passion to create trending and seamless technology that users will love interacting. With combination of a great UIUX and backend system, Snapee can become an interactive platform for people to socialize, connect and make new friends on another level. 


 “Big Data” is no scary words to our Tech Architect at Snapee. Users often interested in products they need and want. With smart recommendations to users and partners, we can reduce the potential noise and transform data into action with great results. 


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